Gwadar – Future Global Trade Hub

Gwadar is a district along the sea in south of the Makran The coastline of Gwadar District is about 600 kilometers long. Gwadar was notified as a district in July, 1977 with its headquartér in Gwadar Town. Previously it was the part of Makran Distric.

Physical Features / Topography

The coastline of Gwadar District extends in an east-west direction and it is almost entirely desert. The elevation of Makran coast range is up to about 1000 meters above the sea level.


The climate of Gwadar, elevated at 0-300 meters above sea level, is drying arid hot. It is placed in “warm summer and mild winter” temperature region. The oceanic influence keeps the temperature lower than that in the interior in summer and higher in winter. The uniformity of temperature is a unique characteristic of the coastal region in Balochistan.


Industry in Gwadar district consists of fisheries, power generation plants, few manufacturing units, ice plants. Fish is the major export of the district. Tourism can also be developed as an industry with little effort. Manufacturing units in the district include ice factories, boat making sheds and few furniture making workshops.

Trade and Trade Centers

Fish export is the major trade activity in the district. About 40% of the total fish catch is exported to Karachi. The fish is also exported to Sri Lanka, Korea, China and Hong Kong. So Gwadar is a well known trading center for fishing. In Gwadar district till today fishing is a family skill.

Major Projects for Private Investors

  • Establishment of Shipping Agencies
  • Goods Transportation Services
  • Proposal for starting ferry services between Gwadar, Karachi and Gulf States