Pakistan Navy has been hosting Multinational Naval Exercise AMAN biennially since 2007 which has a global outlook. With AMAN Exercise PN seeks to enhance interoperability between regional and extra regional navies as a means of promoting peace and stability in the Indian Ocean Region and beyond. This Exercise also provides a unique training opportunity to develop and practice response tactics which helps participants foster and sustain the mutual relationships that are conducive to ensure the safe and secured sea lanes on the world’s oceans.

Exercise AMAN-17 was conducted by PN from 10-14 Feb ‘17 at Karachi which was fifth of Multinational Exercise AMAN series. The participation details of AMAN-07, 09, 11 and 13 are as follows:

First Exercise was held in March 2007. During AMAN-07, total of 29 countries participated with naval assets and 29 observers. 14 ships from Bangladesh, China, France, Italy, Malaysia and UK joined the exercise. In addition, Special Operations Forces (SOFs), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams from Bangladesh, Turkey and USA also participated.

Second Exercise of AMAN series was held in March 2009. A total of 24 countries participated in the exercise with naval assets and 35 observers. 14 ships from Australia, Bangladesh, China, France, Malaysia, UK, and USA and 02 x aircraft (P-3C) from Japan participated in the exercise. In addition, SOF/ EOD teams from Bangladesh, China, Nigeria, Turkey and USA also participated in the exercise.

Third Exercise of the AMAN series was conducted from 8-12 March 2011. During this exercise, 28 countries participated with naval assets and 43 observers. Total of 11 ships from Australia, China, France, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and USA participated. 03 aircraft from Australia & Japan and 03 SOF/EOD teams and Marines from China, Turkey and USA also participated in the Exercise



AMAN-13 was the 4th exercise of AMAN series and was conducted from 4-8 Mar 13. During this exercise, total of 29 countries participated. 12 foreign ships, two Japanese P3Cs, 9 SOF/EOD teams and 36 observers participated in the exercise.

Multinational Naval Exercise AMAN-17 was held from 10-14 February 2017. Navies from 37 countries participated along with Ships, Aircraft, Helicopters, Special Operations Forces, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Teams, Marines and 67 Observers in this exercise. The Exercise was conducted in two phases; the harbour phase spanned from 10-12 Feb and the sea phase from 13–14 Feb 17. The harbour phase comprised International Maritime Conference, Seminars, Table Talks, cross ships Visits, Call-ons, International Band Display and Maritime Counter Terrorism Demonstration. Whereas, the Sea phase included practical execution of operational plans and activities finalized during harbour phase.

•The Exercise was planned with focused objectives, which include:

•Projection of positive image of Pakistan as a country contributing towards regional peace and stability.

•Consolidate PN’s position in the regional maritime arena.

•Enhancing interoperability with regional and extra regional navies thereby acting as a bridge between the regions.

•Display of united resolve against terrorism and crimes in maritime domain.

The Exercise was designed to provide a common forum for:

•Information sharing, mutual understanding and identifying areas of common interests for group analysis and dialogues through International Maritime Conference.

•To develop and practice response tactics, techniques and procedures against asymmetric and traditional threats during sea phase of the exercise.

•Intermingling of multinationals with depiction of their respective cultures during cultural shows/ food galas.

Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah in his message on commencement of the Exercise said that threats to maritime security increasingly emanate from contemporary asymmetric challenges like terrorism, piracy, narcotics, arms and human smuggling which have greatly impacted the maritime environment. The vastness of oceans and threats posed in maritime security also do not respect boundaries as their effects are felt globally. Consequently, there is a strong realization that no one nation can single handedly cope with the quantum of this prevailing threat, making cooperative maritime strategy a matter of compulsion rather than choice. Naval Chief further added that Pakistan Navy has always been a forerunner in the quest for collaborative security in this region of immense strategic importance. It is part of a number of regional and international initiatives to achieve this end. AMAN series of exercises are effectively built on this concept.



Multinational Exercise AMAN 17 formally commenced with a colourful flag hoisting and opening ceremony held at PN Dockyard. Participating navies’ reps, observers, foreign diplomats and a large number of officers and men attended the ceremony. Speaking on the occasion, Commander Pakistan Fleet said that we are here for a common purpose, for a common goal to ensure security, to make this world safe for us, for rest of the humanity so that there is a peace which brings prosperity and progress that is what our constitution mandates us to do. We believe in inclusive policy and we think that if the world stands together, there will be great benefits for all of us. Commander Pakistan Fleet reiterated that Pakistan Navy has always been a consistent security contributor in IOR. Being a lead nation, Pakistan Navy is actively participating with other navies in combating Narco trade, human smuggling, terrorism and piracy at high seas. We need to make collective efforts to eliminate these threats for lasting peace in the region. Aiming to provide visibility over planning and execution of Exercise AMAN-17, a media brief was also held at PN Fleet Headquarters prior to Flag Hoisting Ceremony. Commander Pakistan Fleet, Vice Admiral Arifullah Hussaini addressed the media and gave details of the exercise.
Dwelling upon the aims and objectives of the exercise, the Fleet Commander said that the primary objective of this exercise is to have a platform which can promote mutual understanding and interests. In addition, the exercise is intended to devise procedures and techniques against conventional and non-conventional threats.


Naval Platforms of 09 participating countries including Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan,


Russia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UK and USA arrived Karachi for participation in Multinational Naval Exercise AMAN 2017. The ships/Aircraft participated were:
Upon arrival, the visiting ships were given a warm welcome by senior Pakistan Navy officials amid catchy tunes of national songs, played by PN band. Officials of the consulates of visiting countries were also present on the occasion.


Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah visited various ships of foreign navies participating in Exercise AMAN-17.
Upon his arrival, the Naval Chief was warmly welcomed by senior officers/Task Group Commanders/Commanding officers of respective ships and was presented guard of honour by smartly turned out contingents. The Naval Chief held formal interaction with senior officers/ Task Group Commanders/commanding officers. During the discussions with officers onboard, the Naval Chief highlighted the role and contribution of Pakistan Navy as forerunner in the quest for collaborative security in this region. The Admiral said that the camaraderie generated herein will grow in future and shall bring us closer to the mutual goal of regional peace and prosperity. He also appreciated and thanked for their participation in AMAN Exercise to fulfil common resolve of “Together for Peace”. nav1

The senior officers/Task, Group Commanders/commanding officers of the respective ships highly acknowledged the strenuous efforts of Pakistan Navy by bringing together global navies towards a shared commitment of maritime peace, stability and lawful order at sea.
The Admiral had an informal interaction with the crew of visiting ships and appreciated their professionalism and morale. The Naval Chief also recorded his remarks in guest books of visiting ships.


Special Operations Forces and Marines of Pakistan Navy presented an impressive Maritime Counter Terrorism Demonstration at Manora. Sri Lankan Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral RC Wijegunaratne graced the demonstration as Chief Guest. Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah was also present at the occasion. nav1

The rise of terrorism and instability at global level has changed the nature of how nations engaged both friends and foes. Special Forces worldwide find themselves in non-conventional wars, peculiar operations and home defense missions which were unseen just a decade ago. Special Forces play a unique role that include tracking of terrorists cells and leaders, disrupting insurgent campaigns and building relationships with international partners for ensuring peace and stability. Maritime Counter Terrorism Demonstration was a fine display of strength and specialized skills by Special Operations Forces and Marines of Pakistan Navy to counter acts of maritime terrorism and refine special operating procedures. The demonstrations while using versatile platforms included fast maneuvers by Hovercraft, Military Assault and VBSS boats and Special Forces boats (SFBs), insertion of Air Assault Teams through helicopters, para-jumps by SSGNs/Commandos, frogman attacks, coordinated beach assault and reinforcement followed by extraction. The event witnessed a high level coordination and professionalism of Special Forces. Pakistan Navy Special Forces and Marines conduct regular exercises with foreign Special Forces to keep abreast of the latest techniques in Special Warfare. Maritime Counter Terrorism Demo is a string of same scheme depicting firm dedication of Pakistan Navy to meet the challenges regarding maritime terrorism issues. Earlier, an International Bands display was also presented by the bands of participating countries of AMAN 17, aiming to connect the countries through cultural heritage as well. The military bands from Sri Lanka, and of Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force played a mix of their traditional and military tunes. The enchanting melodies mesmerized the audience and were really appreciated.